Richter: Mr. Keith Derry/GB

Rüden - Veteranenklasse
V1 Clan Of Stork’s Just Quibo – V-CAC/VDH, Best Veteran, Club Veteranensieger
V2 Stroke Of Luck Invisible Touch Iago - Res. V-CAC/VDH
SG3 Low-Pep Curby

Rüden - Babyklasse
VV1 Soul Sensation From The Furry Tales - Best Baby
VV2 Stroke Of Luck Obsidian
VV3 Darling Beauty Of The Benjy Bunch
VV4 Caesar Emperor Of The Benjy Bunch
VV Dashing Dougal Of The Unique Shaded Dreams
VV Stroke Of Luck Onyx
VV Stocke Of Luck Opus One

Rüden - Jüngstenklasse
VV1 Tolkien’s Dream Pippin

Rüden - Jugendklasse
V1 Balley Vom Cröberteich - J-CAC/VDH, Bester Junghund, BOS, Club Jugendsieger
V2 Gentle Souls Namid Zauberkuss - Res. J-CAC/VDH
V3 Gentle Guards For All Eternity
V4 Jolly Adventure Fellow-Traveller
V Bagira Of The Guardian Paws

Rüden - Zwischenklasse
V1 Nobility Freezy Iceshimmer - CAC/VDH
V2 Cinebears Finn McMissile - Res. CAC/VDH
V3 Stroke Of Luck Nathan Nighthawk
V4 Amazing Dark Lily Of The Benjy Bunch

Rüden - Championklasse
V1 Bono’s Watchful Eye Al Capone - CAC/VDH
V2 Vancouver Vom Grimmenstein - Res. CAC/VDH
V3 Nobility Zocky Balboa-Sammy
V4 A Heart Full Of Soul’s Tanner

Rüden - Offene Klasse
V1 Bono’s Watchful Eye Dreamboy - CAC/VDH, Clubsieger
V2 Gentle Guards Endowed With Poise Edward - Res. CAC/VDH
V3 Gentle Guards Does In Pride-Duncan
V4 X’Perience Quaterback
V Zarastro Mc Barcley Of The Unique Shaded Dreams
V Kooper Von Der Teufelsbande

Hündinnen - Veteranenklasse
V1 My Light-Hearted Friend Black As Jet - V-CAC/VDH, Club Veteranensieger

Hündinnen - Babyklasse
VV1 Stroke Of Luck Oh Jazz
VV2 Perfect Bliss A Heart’s Desire Allison
VV3 Stroke Of Luck Oh La La
VV4 Perfect Bliss All Eyes On Ashley

Hündinnen - Jüngstenklasse
VV1 A Heart Full Of Soul’s Xanadu You Will Shine For Me - Best Puppy
VV2 Cinebear’s Here Comes Happiness
VV3 All For Bearded Love Cascabel
VV4 Baldslow Heavenly Heather
VV Tolkien’s Dream Primrose
VV A Heart Full Of Souls X-Quisite Sweet Little Hope 
VSP Cinebear’s Holly Golightly

Hündinnen - Jugendklasse
V1 Brodie Castle Of Shielas Farm - J-CAC/VDH, Club Jugendsieger
V2 Black Mellie Vom Cröberteich - Res. J-CAC/VDH
V3 All For Bearded Love Black Pearl
V4 Hairdog’s Great Magical
V Bommbinis Beautiful Blaze
V Bommbinis Bella Belinda
V My Light-Hearted Friend Here To Stay Hayley
V Gentle Souls Neela Sternenhell
V Shepherd Calls Excellent Alice
V Kindle Passion Flower Of Love
SG Jolly Adventure Fortunale Cheers

Hündinnen - Zwischenklasse
V1 Scottsdale Xtravagance - CAC/VDH
V2 Tallulah Smartness - Res. CAC/VDH
V3 Nobility Fancy Starglitter
V4 Bouncy Lou Lady Of Sandmen’s Castle
V Cinebear’s Funny About Love

Hündinnen - Championklasse
V1 Bono’s Watchful Eye Bliss - CAC/VDH
V2 Amelie Vom Cröberteich - Res. CAC/VDH
V3 A Heart Full Of Soul’s That’s Sophie
V4 My Light-Hearted Friend Easy Like Sunday Morning
V Xenatisch Xuta Of The Benjy Bunch
V Naomi Smartness
V Stroke Of Luck Love Me Tender

Hündinnen - Offene Klasse
V1 Bono’s Watchful Eye Descend Maggie - CAC/VDH, BOB, Clubsieger
V2 All For Bearded Love Avany - Res. CAC/VDH
V3 Jolly Adventure Elegant Emely
V4 Bommbinis Aenna The First Lady
V Bommbinis Amy Simply A Dream
V My Light-Hearted Friend Gamina Abelina
V Mystical Souls Bintou
V Happy Adventures New Dawn
V Nobility Emmylou My Love
SG Pure Lady Smartness
SG Zaphira Dark Shadow Of The Unique Shaded Dreams

1 Low Pep Curby, Mystical Souls Bintou

1 Vom Cröberteich
2 My Light Hearted Friend