Richter: Heiko Wagner/D

Rüden - Jugendklasse
V1 Leny Born To Be Wild Of Sigelo – J-CAC/VDH, Bester Junghund
SG2 Lennox Sunday´s Child Black Of Sigelo

Rüden - Zwischenklasse
V1 Passe Partout From The Furry-Tales - CAC/VDH

Rüden - Offene Klasse
V1 Baldslow Born To Be My Heartbreaker - CAC/VDH, BOB

Hündinnen - Zwischenklasse
V1 Moonfellow Heart´s Ease - CAC/VDH

Hündinnen - Offene Klasse
V1 Sunday Mornings Now And Forever - CAC/VDH, BOS